Monday, January 30, 2012

Up All Night

Recently, I found myself up all night. NOTHING put me to sleep. I had eaten, exercised, had a shower, watched TV, had some tea and gotten myself in the bed. And then, my eyes would not close!! I lay there and even tried counting sheep. By the time I drifted off to sleep, you know I had to use the bathroom. In the winter, the last thing you want to do is get out the bed and feel that cool air which will further disturb your sleep. I went to the restroom and sure enough, spent another hour or so trying to get to sleep but gave up and got dressed for my 5 am workout. I couldn't figure out WHY in the world I couldn't go to sleep. Then it dawned on me . . . I had started taking Vitamin B Super-Complex everyday. By Wednesday, my body was so amped, it didn't know it was time to go to bed! Literally, after getting only 3 hours of sleep, awaking at 5, working out, I STILL didn't get sleepy at work. I tell this story because even though the doctor told me to take a multi-vitamin, she didn't say add Vitamin B everyday especially with my usual energy level. I didn't need it everyday!!! Moral of this story, don't O.D. on the vitamins. Find out what you really need before you self medicate. From now on, I'm only taking HALF a Vitamin B every few days. I need my sleep!!!! Since I'm not a fan of energy drinks, at least I now know what do if I need to stay awake for a few days at a time.

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