Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Weight for Love

I met my fiancee just short of a year ago. He's a chef but loves to eat rich food, high fatty foods, he loved Kool-aid, drank Mountain Dew, and frequented the local "Greasy Spoon" restaurants and carry-outs. When we met, I was still a new Zumba (r) Fitness Instructor but absolutely married to eating healthy. I couldn't afford to go back to my 200lbs and sick life. He would fix me food and plop mashed potatoes or rice on my plate. At first, to be nice, I'd eat it, but then I finally told him that I was serious about my health and if he wanted to be with me, he would take his health serious too.

Like most men, he hadn't been to the doctor in a few years. When he finally went, the doctor told him he was a candidate for all the things I had tried to warn him about: High Cholesterol, Hypertension and Diabetes. She gave him 30 days to make some changes but he couldn't get around the Diabetes in 30 days. Now, he had reason to listen to me when I said, "No, we're not eating that." That ended the last night stops to Wendy's and McDonald's and when we do, we get Chicken. I encouraged him to stop over eating or piling the plate or at least, SLOW DOWN and chew. Yes, he is a victim of eating everything on the plate as fast as you can and we now know this to be one way we over eat since our brains don't calculate the "STOP EATING" message quite that rapidly. We don't make Kool-aid and we don't buy sodas. Water is our main drink. I've tried to get him to try my fruit and vegetable blends but I don't think he's ready for the green machine (Spinach, Blueberries, Pineapple, Kiwi, Pear, Granny Smith Apple).

I am proud to say that approaching our 1 year anniversary, my sweetheart has lost about 30 lbs AND is quitting smoking. I've even gotten him to wear a suit!! OW!!

July 2011

February 2012

We took his mother out to dinner recently and y'all know how tight those booths can be. As we slid into the booth, she asked him, "Do you have enough room?" Then she chuckled, "Oh yeah, you got plenty of room now, you fit just fine," as he proudly looked down at the space between the table and his shrunken belly.

I'm also down to my pre-Love weight (WOOO HOOO) but still on my journey to try to drop just one more size.  I've added more Zumba Fitness classes so I'm currently teaching five times a week, whew!  I've moved to a satellite office at work and there is a FREE gym in building so I will definitely be lifting before the Spring Swings all the way in. 

His family says they tried to get him to lose weight and change his eating but I guess it just took a different kind of love to make that change.  We're looking forward to living happy and healthy lives together and teach our future children better.

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