Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Office Potluck

Here we are, its that time of the year when your office spends more time planning and having luncheons and potlucks than doing actual work. It is a trap to derail your progress. I saved up my cheat days so I could enjoy Thanksgiving (yes, I had two Thanksgiving dinners on Thanksgiving Day and it was good) without feeling guilty. My plates had veggies and small servings of everything. I ate until I was satisfied and then, helped serve at a local church to burn even just a few calories. But here I am, in my office and they have decided to have an AFTER Thanksgiving Potluck. Oh geez, somebody help me!

Yesterday, I actually signed up to bring in Cheesecake - I make a great cheesecake. After teaching my Zumba Fitness class, going to my voice lesson and making it home, I realized I didn't have the energy or desire to make something that hell, I COULDN'T EAT!!! I mean, I shouldn't eat it because I'm lactose intolerant and I shouldn't eat it because it wouldn't be my cheat day and my will power for desserts is slim to none. Instead, I got myself up and packed my lunch and gym bag. While these folks are chowing down, I'm going to the gym. My red holiday dress is still calling me and I have to make sure to get it in.

Here is my resistance plan:

This morning, I had some left over roasted pork with broccoli and cauliflower. I've had a banana and I'm going to also have a bowl of oatmeal at snack time. Yes, I eat a real meal in the morning. This has helped to ward off the desire for salt and sugar throughout the day. The oatmeal will fill me up while they are preparing the spread. When lunch is served, I'm going to the gym. By the time I get back, it will all be devoured and I'll HAVE to eat the lunch that's already waiting for me. The other thing I tell myself is, "You don't know all these people. The food might not be safe to eat." It's a dirty trick but I have to do something.

I've successfully avoided the Thanksgiving potluck, but I know the Christmas Potluck and company Holiday party are coming fast, plus that extra holiday I get in December - my birthday :-) so I'm going to have to repeat this tactic at least one more time at work. So how do I avoid holiday parties at a friend's house . . . I eat before I go and get a workout in to burn some calories ahead of time. I try to show up fashionably late after people have arrived and started eating, then there may only be enough for small portions. Yes, I know, "but I want to celebrate with my friends," but I want to fit into my favorite dress and drop down into a firm size 8. In order to do that, we have to stay on task and keep working at it. The delayed reward is better than the instant gratification, I promise.

What tactics are you using during the holiday to avoid over eating? Let us know. And if you have some good favorite holiday food substitutes, share that too. Let's get it . . One More Dress Size.


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  1. Those are excellent tactics! Sometimes, this weight loss journey can be a battlefield! Keep up the great work!