Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wedding Day Jitters AGAIN

Well, here I am, getting myself ready for another wedding. It is unnerving trying to find something to wear to a wedding, especially when you're in the midst of trying to lose weight and look great. I went to a wedding last month and wore what I was always told was the forbidden color - BLACK. But it was an evening wedding so figured it was appropriate. I looked good; actually I looked great!! And so did my friends from college. We all looked good for being 10 years out of college!

But now, I've got to do it all over again! I'm going to see the same ladies since another one of the University of Richmond sisters is getting married. DAMMIT!!! That means I can't wear the same thing. Here I go scavenging through my closet trying to find something that will accentuate my shape and hide the small kangaroo pouch I'm still working on. I'm in my closet and the stuff that I look completely fabulous in are well, not appropriate for a wedding - at least, I don't think the Red Hot dress is appropriate. The other items in my closet, uh, you can tell I wore them when I was a different size and they don't quite demonstrate the va va voom woman that I am.

(SIGH) I think it's the "Semi-formal" attire throwing me off. I have an evening gown but that would be too much, right? Then of course, you gotta pick something comfortable to dance in at the reception; something you don't mind sweating in and since I'm travelling, something that will travel well. Where do they make that? Events like this make me second guess whether I've been as diligent as I should be with my workouts. I'm teaching 4 Zumba® Fitness classes a week, eating well, strength training but you know, I haven't had much sleep and I know I can't lose weight without sleeping. Yeah, I need balance all around or else, it just doesn't work. I could just go out and buy something that next year, I'll probably NOT want to wear again. That always happens with my last minute purchases; they're usually not useful after the initial purchase.

With these events, I worry that I've somehow gained enough weight to look like a completely unrecognizeable person. And then, I'm concerned that I picked something homely and safe. Who cares about what the bride looks like in these pictures?!?! I will be forever etched in the memory of that day too!!

Okay, breathe. I'm clearly overreacting at this point but I have had that anxiety and almost NOT gone to someone's wedding because I didn't want to be the fat, single girl at the wedding trying desparately to catch the bouquet (To date, I now have caught a total of 3). Uhm, just so you know, I still have nothing to wear. Today is Thursday, the wedding is Saturday in NY. HELP!!!!

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  1. YIKES!! I would say if it is affordable, but not sure if they offer express shipping. The website offers some GORGEOUS dresses that are perfect to wear for any event. My next suggestion is do some quick thrift shopping to see if you can find a decent dress to wear. My third suggestion if the other two don't pan out is to visit Nordstrom or Macy's or hell, even JcPenn-ay (LOL) to see if you can find something. Good luck and have fun at the wedding! :)