Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fountain of Youth

By George, I think I've found the fountain of youth. No really, I think so. I'm not ashamed to tell people that I have reached my 30's! It always seems to be a shock to people that I'm not still in my 20's. I'll admit, I actually like it when younger men try to pick me up. I was recently at a small house party and it spilled out that I was over 30; as a matter of fact, I'll be turning 32 this year, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Well, you must have thought I was standing there naked because everyone's mouth dropped open in disbelief. Ha, I think my mouth dropped out a little when they revealed they were still in their 20's when I would have guessed that we were all the same age. One young lady finally asked me, "What's your secret? What are you doing?" In my "as a matter of fact" way, I said, "I exercise, I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, I don't drink heavily and I . . . " - I paused. I was getting ready to say, "I don't smoke" but the young lady that asked for the secret had puffed three cigarettes in the short time that I'd been there. That would have been an absolute slap in the face, right? Maybe I should have said it anyway. Isn't it general knowledge that smoking ages you? It hinders your breathing, makes your tongue and teeth grey and gives you purple lips. Smoking will restrict blood flow and if the blood ain't pumping, the rosy cheeks from youth will quickly fade to grey (or worse, black - YUCK!!) I finally told her that I do my best to enjoy life and smile a lot.

"So you exercise?"
"Yes, at least 3 or 4 days a week" (at that point, I wasn't teaching Zumba yet but I was taking class).
"Wow, I need to exercise. I'd probably pass out."

Was that my window to let her know I also didn't smoke? Because I was thinking it and according to the host, he was thinking it too!!

Have you ever taken a real assessment of your age? Dr. Oz does the real age test when he puts guests into the truth tube revealing their Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Levels and Weight. What is aging you? There are plenty of things that can, and some of them, I want you to get rid of immediately. I'm not going to say food, or cigarettes, or tell you that you need to exercise more (though don't count these out). I want you to get rid of people. People stress you out and make you frown, make you sad and unhappy. They do; trust me, they do. Stress will age you like nothing else. Staying in a bad or just boring relationship will dry you up. AND slaving (or sleeping) at that boring, ain't got no promotion coming job will stress you out and age you. And you know what stress does? It keeps you from concentrating on your dreams and goals including the goal of losing one more dress size. In order to lose weight, you have to sleep and if you're having trouble sleeping, chances are, you are having trouble losing weight too. I am definitely lacking sleep these days but its from doing what I love. I can see the goal getting closer and closer but while I'm going through, I refuse to be or look defeated. I'm smiling, I'm living, I'm loving and throwing away any trash that might keep me from be the healthy, beautiful woman that I am supposed to be. Eat well, live well, be well.


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