Friday, June 10, 2011

This Time, I WIN!!!

Today's assignment is to write a letter or poem to the food that keeps you falling off the wagon. Here's mine, I hope you enjoy!

Reese cup, WTF?!
You know you do me wrong
I can’t eat just one
And then, I’m jacked and farting all day long

Chocolate Cake
Ah, you certainly complete a date
Just to have you, warm and properly dressed on my plate
Even before I’d ate . . .
How about a every night, about 8?

Hamburgers with multiple slices of cheese
See how you do me?
All sauced up and greased
With fries on the side, always ready to please

You three were once staples in my diet
But now, don’t even try it
I’ll succumb to you only once in a while
But fat on my butt, stomach and thighs
You shall no longer pile

I love this beautiful frame
It makes my man bow and praise
So I’ll resist you day by day
Come on dammit, bring it, this time, I win this game!!

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