Thursday, June 2, 2011

One Dress Size Journey

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Welcome to my One Dress Size Journey! I am on a journey to drop one more dress size . . . why?  Because the camera is evil.  As a performer, I'm in front of the camera all the time and I want to look my best.  Hell, I just want to look good all the time, how about that? 

All of my life, I was a chunky girl.  Chunky, chubby, wearing a size 14/16 girl, even in elementary school.  So you know shopping with mom was always a GREAT TIME filled with lots of eye rolling, frustration and sometimes crying.  Every year, the doctor would put me on a new diet, and after a few weeks . . . what diet?  After I became an adult and graduated from college, my blood pressure crept up and so did my weight.  I wasn't as active as I had been before and the scale showed 205lbs at my heaviest.  Here I am, singing at my brother's wedding.  Yes, I was the big girl bridesmaid.  And can you believe my brother, damn nut picked a STRAPLESS dress?!? Of all things for your chubby sister, this was not a smart idea.  I had straps put on my dress so it would stay up but that just made it feel like a moo moo.

Yo, this wasn't going well and I hated being the "big girl" in the picture.  About 2007, food began to make me miserable.  I had gas all the time and sometimes worse things would happen everyday.  My stomach was constantly in pain and I wasn't losing any weight no matter how hard I danced, walked the track or crunched.  Finally at work one day, I decided I was going to find out what the problem was.  I cut out all dairy - eggs, milk, cheese - all fast food, junk food and eventually went Vegan to figure out what the problem was.  My doctor even sent me to have a colonoscopy at age 27.  On a vegan diet, I lost 20 pounds without exercising.  WOW!!!  I was now buying size 12 but still buying a 12 out of the Plus Size store; I wanted to buy a 12 or smaller out of the regular size!  When I think back, the food I was eating wasn't necessarily killing me but it was setting me up for hindered quality of life.  If I had stayed on that path, who knows what kind of medication I'd be on now.  I slowly introduced meat back into my diet and some rewards for training hard and eating well.

Right before my 30th birthday, I hired a personal trainer and he got me into that 10 range.  I was so happy!!  He had me lifting and sticking tight to my eating regiment.  I was ready to take the stage and start my singing career.  My skin was clearing up and I discovered I had some serious Pixie Dust. 

What is Pixie Dust??  Pixie Dust is the magic that draws you in to a woman.  As children, we know Pixie Dust is the magic dust trailing the movements of the character Tinker Bell.  This dust can help humans fly if they believe in happy thoughts.  The essence of Keyona was coming out because I was now confident enough to let it sprinkle among the world.  I wasn't hiding behind clothes, I could show my arms, legs, wear a form fitting dress and strut proudly across the room like, "Yeah, I know, I'm FINE!!"

So now, I'm on my final weight journey to make it to single digit dress size . . . can I have an 8 please?  I don't care about the weight actually; I'm proud to say I'm about 174 lbs at 5'5".  Forget that damn chart, I'm healthy and happy.  Why a size 8?  To say I actually did it and perhaps I could get a flatter stomach too.  That's the hardest part. 

So, here I am, rocking a size 10 and thinking, "What do I have to do to get to an 8?" Well, here's where we hold each other accountable.  People ask me all the time, "How did you do it? Can you help me?"  Follow me on this journey to another dress size and I'll share everything I'm doing, grocery list, exercise pattern including my Zumba Fitness Class and even what I choose when I have to eat out.  I can't promise a weight loss number but I can tell you that my blood pressure is better than perfect, cholesterol levels excellent, skin glowing, lip gloss popping, Pixie Dust gettin' 'em . . . I feel SO good.  I'll give you a weekly and monthly challenge.  This will take discipline, determination and an open mind so if you're ready, I'm ready, Let's Go!!

Check out the vlog for your first challenge -
Let's Get Pixie Dust Potent!

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  1. I'm with you! You drop on size. I'm going to drop 2 or 3.

  2. Hey Na!! We're gonna do this because we have to. Being healthy and feeling good about it for the rest of our lives!