Thursday, July 7, 2011

Time is working against me

Time has become my enemy in so many ways. I’m in my 30’s and on the downward spiral they say in ability to lose weight and keep it off. I’m going to keep fighting but time is fighting against me. As a new independent artist, I still work a regular desk job. Let’s not talk about what I’d really like to be doing as I have dreams of grandeur walking in for the last time and passing out CD’s to all my co-workers right before I throw up the deuces! But do you know that means that time is messing with my workout regimen. Something has got to give; really. Getting up in the morning after I’ve spent as many hours as I could with my boo the night before without actually spending the night typically means I didn’t get enough sleep to wake up at 4:30 am to get an hour work out in. I can usually get an hour of cardio in after work but if something happens on the way home or someone asks for a favor of rehearsal is at 7pm instead of 8pm - the work out plan just went out the door. And then meetings, and time to write, rehearse on my own, do vocal exercises, speak my honey’s love language, maintain my house (OH, someone please help), and just imagine trying to do all that with children. Hat’s off to the supermoms and dads because I don’t know how you maintain sanity. I only have one solution and they are just going to have to like it.
I will be working out during my work day. There, I said it and if I get in trouble, oh well. I won’t be any good to any job if I’m not healthy. What happened to companies that promoted healthy choices, working out during the day or promise you a balanced work-home life? Well, I’m holding these people to that promise. Working out in the middle of the day (since I HAVE to be at work) seemed to give me motivation to finish as much work as I could before going to the gym. Ooooh, and then to get that shower in the middle of the day, as my friend Monica says, is like pressing the restart button especially on these muggy summer days or ladies during those days. I’m excited already just thinking about it. I’m anticipating the sweat, my abs getting firmer and flatter, seeing the men watch me GET IT IN!! I bought my weight lifting gloves and I’ve got my strength training schedule down. Not doing this is not an option. I feel the extra flapping under my arms again and my tummy seems to be growing (and NO I’m not pregnant). Other people say they can’t see it; they don’t think I’m gaining weight but oh contraire monfrair, my little red dress told the tale at the last photo shoot. My funky little tees are telling a slightly different story around my belly.
This is one of those places where I feel like we’ve lost control of ourselves. We feel like we have to work and work and work but who said working eight hours was realistic? I mean really, raise your hand if you actually work the entire eight hours you are physically at work. I think I’m more productive when I have taken an hour or hour and a half break from this desk and computer and emails and phone calls and reports and fake co-worker friendships (be real, you know all those folks are NOT invited to your cookout). So I need a commitment from YOU, yes YOU, that we will not allow work or busy life to keep us from having a healthy life. Exercise! Do something fun. Don’t’ make it wait for you. It’s like telling your child that you’ll put something on layaway and you never made a plan to pay for it and bring it home. If we don’t make a plan for working out and staying healthy, it won’t happen. Tell me what you plan to do to make sure you get that exercise in and we’ll hold each other accountable. Let’s go!

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  1. Keyona, I get where you're going. I am fortunate to work at home, so if I need to get a workout in during the middle of the day, I can pop in Billy Blanks and do it movin'. We have to continue to put ourselves first, especially regarding our health, so get it in when and where you can! :)